Multi Plus Pro, Daily Vitality Pack
Daily supplement pack for for intensive work and regular exercise.
Vitamins for the whole family
You can find vitamins for adults, elderly and kids...
Vitamins for elderly
Specially designed vitamins for elderly
Multi Pro Basic
Multivitamin for normal workload

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Robert Tolli

Robert Tolli

I constantly look for innovative ways to present natural solutions to people. I do believe that people are too much dependent upon medical drugs, pills where all they should do is to take more care about their bodies' need. Most of the health problems stem from insufficient intake of vitamins and minerals...
It seems that nutrition supplements abound these days — vitamins, minerals and herbs that are touted as warding off or treating every ailment can readily be found on the shelves at stores. But which supplements really work as they claim? And which are safe to take? Vitanord digs into the science of supplements, and brings you a look at the evidence.
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Laszlo Katai

Laszlo Katai

Marketing manager
People need to learn more about how the human body works, why it needs supplements and what dose etc. In school and from media we do not learn about all these. Knowledge is power... we all know that. Please, learn about the relationship between illnesses and lack of vitamins. That is why is more then a supplement shop. It is an educational platform...

Reviews from customers

Since I started to take Spirulina, my mind is still fresh and bright even after 10 hours office work. And finally I can sleep well. I really recommend it ! Da jeg begyndte at tage Spirulina, mit sind er stadig frisk og lyse, selv efter 10 timers kontorarbejde. Og endelig kan jeg sove godt. Jeg anbefaler virkelig det!

Lesley K.


This is an amazing pack - Multi Sport Pro! I do physical job for living and it gives me threefold more energy! By theway last time I gave my order about midday and I've got the stuff at 6 in the evening. The service is just lightening fast!

Zoltan H.


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